Consistent with our love of sea life and nature, is our desire to make wise decisions in the conduct of our business that give proper consideration to sustainability and environmental impacts.

We crave our time by the coasts and waterways to get back in touch with ourselves, slow down and breathe. We are inspired by scenery, sounds and sea life among the shores and our product speaks of the textures, colors and shapes you will find there. You will find us in the garden, to slow down, get our hands dirty, marvel at bugs with our children, and grow things that are beautiful. We consider ourselves as voyeurs of nature’s reality show. Our contemplations wander from “is that egret squawking to establish its territory or to mate?” to “I bet that praying mantis is going to eat the cricket I hear.” All the while, each creature’s exquisite structure, texture and color tells us the story of its life, how it lived to see that day and be seen by us - thankfully.

Equally inspiring to us is the common thread of interests and passions that take us into the great outdoors. The people that we meet share these ...what's your passion?

At Rightside Design, we continue our journey, exposing our curiosities and infatuations with nature's inhabitants in the designs of every product we offer. We listen to what our customers want. What they share with us, and what they want added to their homes to give their personal spaces just that little touch and element of surprise. Our coastal collection, the I Sea Life Collection, is now accompanied by our Lake, Lodge, Equine, Garden and Golf inspired themes. Each collection is the embodiment of an inspiration that has drawn from the visual imagery of many forms of life and the lifestyle that defines those who prefer observation and those who take the reins. Passionately artful, often whimsical and amazingly functional, every product has been designed to enhance the décor of any living space that is desired to reveal an open love for these forms of life and the lifestyle that goes with it. We chose colorful palettes and strikingly realistic textures to achieve an intimacy with the experience that is expressed by this love – it is our love.

~ Lynn McKernan, Designer/Owner, Rightside Design LLC

"The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man."
- Unknown