Consistent with our love of sea life and nature, is our desire to make wise decisions in the conduct of our business that give proper consideration to sustainability and environmental impacts.

Product and proceed donations are given to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, NJ and to the Audubon Nature Institute’s Sea Turtle Rescue Program. We are dedicated to helping these organizations with their work along the Eastern Shores and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our first giving back project came with the design of our Turtle of the Sea Pillow. This fellow was designed from our reaction to the Gulf Oil spill. So we decided to channel that anger into something positive by designing this elegant, yet whimsical pillow and donating a portion of the sales proceeds to the folks whose hard work helped save countless numbers of sea turtles in the Gulf, the Audubon Nature Institute’s Sea Turtle Rescue Program.

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According to the National Wildlife Federation, dolphins and other sea creatures are stranding and dying at unprecedented rates, largely in areas affected by environmental tragedies. In an effort to give tribute to sea mammals, Lynn McKernan donates sales proceeds of her Gem of the Sea Dolphin Pillow and the Turtle of the Sea Serving Tray to the Brigantine Marine Mammal Stranding Center in New Jersey. Their mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release, and Preserve stranded sea mammals and life along the Eastern and Southern Atlantic shores. For more information please visit their website to see how you can help too!

Things that make us feel good... in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint, we choose Agri-based printing inks when printing catalogs and collateral materials, and we re-use cardboard boxes for shipping (yes, we do!) as much as we can. Our bamboo products are made from recycled bamboo, a sustainable resource….we will always strive to do even more!

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature; he finds it attached to the rest of the world."

- John Muir