Mermaids - beautiful, sophisticated, mysterious, and timeless. Adored by girls and women alike, it’s no surprise that these creatures find their ways into books, television, movies and even home decor. Yes, there is such a thing as mermaid home decor, and we’d love the opportunity to share it with you!

At Rightside Design, we create decor that is based on passion driven, lifestyle design. Our focus is on design that pulls at heart strings, inspired by nature and lifestyles. More importantly, the items from our collections are functional. You can use them at your dining table when serving guests or transform your bedroom into a calm, peaceful environment that takes you to your favorite place.

Decorate with a Statement Piece

A spiritual mermaid design motif makes a statement and is most definitely a conversation piece. A 3-D applique pillow of uncompromising hand-made details andmixed materials,this siren of the sea will turn heads. Reach out and feel the textures and details. Heavily-embroidered, using mutli-colored threads, materials, this multi-tulled piped trim pillow has an envelope back for easy insert removal for cleaning.

Decorate your Walls with Sirens of the Sea

The fun doesn’t stop at pillows. Vintage, sea-faring mermaids embellish wall décor such as metal bezel clocks and gallery wrapped canvas art designed by Lynn McKernan. Deep hues of aqua, greens and blues, are printed on rich canvas, and framed in silver, hand embellishments in glitter and pallette paints, perfect for young girls bedroom décor.

By shopping with Rightside Design, you can expect coastal-inspired home decor items that aren’t like anything you’ve seen in the stores. Rather than having the same decorations that your neighbors have, why not invite something new and unique into your home? And, you don’t have to worry about the trends changing and your decor going out of style. With Rightside Design, your treasures will be timeless despite the trends.

If you’re ready to add onto your mermaid collection, shop with Rightside Design. We have included multiple images of our products with the ability to zoom in. We want you to see the detail for yourself and feel confident in your new purchase!

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