Recent studies and research have shown that spending time by the ocean has many positive effects on health and well-being.

Surround yourself with colors, textures, and motifs indigenous of seaside elements, with nautical decor wholesale from Rightside Design. Turn your home into a seaside retreat, with décor adorned with natural seashells, anchors or sand dollars motifs, our beach-inspired items will bring peace and tranquility to your life. We choose our colors, textures and patterns carefully, and each item incorporates embellished details such as embroidery, beads, tulle or faux leather. We know you will enjoy each and every item you lay eyes on!

Nautical Inspired, Sea-Faring Designs

At Rightside Design, we know how important it is to have “happy places” where you can retreat to no matter what mood you’re in. Iconic images and trendy styles of stripes, anchors, rope motifs, boats, and more are created in a fresh preppy, and sometimes vintage design styles can be a chic addition to any nautical designed room.

Our products are made from the highest quality materials such as Sunbrella® outdoor canvas, recycled materials, sustainable bamboo and porcelain. Our line of nautical room decor has some of our favorite pieces. Nautical and navy color trends add a fresh color scheme to liven up yacht interiors, coastal cottages and can also be used outdoors by the pool to add that classic, sea-faring touch.

Get your sea-legs, with nautical idiom etched glassware. Etched with phrases that have been adopted into everyday use originate from seafaring - in particular from the days of sail. “Three Sheets to the Wind,” “Man the Life Boats,” “Drink Like a Fish, all examples of old sea-faring terms. Request your own custom- designed porcelain switchplates with imagery or sailboats, modern anchor motifs and more!

Marine and Boat Dock Worthy Durability

If you’re lucky enough to live by the water, you’ll love our durable pillows that can go outdoors. Heavy embroidery is what sets us apart, using top materials such as Sunbrella® outdoor canvas, to create fresh designs in classsic nautical navy and white. Lakeside, dockside, on your boat, or in your indoor space, our designs are timeless, on trend, and indicative of marine origins.

Rightside Design is proud to have you as a customer. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for nautical decor wholesale, we will exceed your highest expectations for quality and functionality. Our decor is not just designed to sit in your home and wait for the trends to pass. It represents a lifestyle - something close to your heart. Let us serve your needs and take you to the places you’ve always wanted to be.

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